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of David & John Anderson

Sea Island 120

David & John Anderson's 120/2 poplin is made using quality Sea Island cotton, cultivated in the West Indies in perfect climatic conditions. It is picked by hand and skilfully worked to prevent any damage to the fibres, which can reach a length of 52 mm and are distinguished by their purity and their extreme resistance to tearing. A strict quality control system and a partnership network built up over the years fully guarantee the absolute purity. The collection includes plain colours, twill and microstructures with the colouring of various structures (twill, diagonal, herring-bone). York also offers a collection of stripes on a white or coloured background, both classical and more highly marked. The shirts made with Sea Island cotton have a feel as soft as cashmere and with a minimum hairy effect; they're lightweight and cool, yet resistant to washing.

Technical data

  • Structure:  Popeline
  • Composition:  100% CO
  • Warp count:  120/2
  • Weft count:  120/2
  • Height:  148/150
  • Weight g.m2:  118/122
sea island product family by David and John Anderson