Product families

of David & John Anderson

Popeline 240

It represents the state of the art in shirt making fabrics. The best cotton in the world is used (the Egyptian Giza45) and is spun in Italy on cutting edge compact spinning frames. In view of the fineness and compactness of this yarn, a specific spooling and dyeing process has been developed to obtain an even colour. It is then woven on the most modern looms at reduced speeds, to guarantee the absolute precision and attention to detail in a highly complex moment, with the subsequent finishing treatment purposely designed to produce a silky feel and extraordinary brightness. The highly accurate inspection of the fabric guarantees an impeccable quality.

Technical data

  • Structure:  Popeline
  • Composition:  100% CO
  • Warp count:  240/2
  • Weft count:  240/2
  • Height:  148/150
  • Weight g.m2:  84/88
popeline 240 product family by David and John Anderson