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of David & John Anderson


The fabric is made from two-for-one twisted yarn with a count of NE 300/2, the finest ever produced in the world, with a strength below 100 grams. The best extra-long staple Egyptian Giza45 cotton is used as the raw material, from plantations cultivated in a small area east of the Nile Delta - Kafir S’Ad - representing just 0.4% of Egypt's total cotton production. To obtain the 300/2 count, we select the finest Giza45 bales and pick those with the best qualities. We look for the utmost fineness, length and strength and just 2% of the Giza45 bales we examine meet these specifications. The yarn is so delicate that our most modern looms have had to be adjusted to work at very low speeds, combining craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Only highly skilled staff, with long-term experience, are able to oversee weaving. Just one operator works on each loom - in a process which is very much a craft. To make the fabric even more compact, each cm has 107 threads and 54 strokes, with more than 300 plies per square cm. The final finishing stage is also based on the finest methods of traditional Italian textile production.

Technical data

  • Structure:  Popeline
  • Composition:  100% CO
  • Warp count:  300/2
  • Weft count:  300/2
  • Height:  148/150
cullinan product family by David and John Anderson