Product families

of David & John Anderson


The fabric is made from two-for-one twisted yarn with a count of NE 300/2, the finest ever produced in the world, with a strength below 100 grams. The best extra-long staple Egyptian Giza45 cotton is used as the raw material, from plantations cultivated in a small area east of the Nile Delta - Kafir S’Ad - representing just 0.4% of Egypt's total cotton production. To obtain the 300/2 count, we select the finest Giza45 bales and pick those with the best qualities. We look for the utmost fineness, length and strength and just 2% of the Giza45 bales we examine meet these specifications.


The 120/2 poplin is made using quality Sea Island cotton, cultivated in the West Indies in perfect climatic conditions. It is picked by hand and skilfully worked to prevent any damage to the fibres, which can reach a length of 52 mm and are distinguished by their purity and their extreme resistance to tearing. A strict quality control system and a partnership network built up over the years fully guarantee absolute purity. The collection includes plain colours, twill and microstructures with the colouring of various structures (twill, diagonal, herring-bone). York also offers a collection of stripes on a white or coloured background, both classical and more highly marked. The shirts made with Sea Island cotton have a feel as soft as cashmere and with a minimum hairy effect; they're lightweight and cool yet resistant to washing.


It represents the state of the art in shirt making fabrics. The best cotton in the world is used (the Egyptian Giza45) and is spun in Italy on cutting edge compact spinning frames. In view of the fineness and compactness of this yarn, a specific spooling and dyeing process has been developed to obtain an even colour. It is then woven on the most modern looms at reduced speeds, to guarantee absolute precision and attention to detail in a highly complex moment, with the subsequent finishing treatment purposely designed to produce a silky feel and extraordinary brightness. The highly accurate inspection of the fabric guarantees an impeccable quality.


Popeline DJA is an extensive collection in the highest counts, a two-for-one twisted 200/2 poplin fabric, a shrewd choice and a quality choice for true connoisseurs. A collection that ranges from plain colours to stripes and micro checks, Prince of Wales checks, white backgrounds and colour backgrounds. Classic colours but without losing sight of that touch of eccentricity.