of David & John Anderson


in 1822 David and John Anderson company is founded


David Anderson, the son of a producer from Stirling, goes into business with his partner Alexander Lawrie: and from this Anderson & Lawrie is established in Glasgow. It began as a factory of Pullicate and Gingham, trading with London and the East and West Indies, in handkerchiefs or “Pullicates" as they were call then.
Ginghams were produced for women's and children's dresses for the domestic market and for the USA. It was quite natural for A&L to specialize in this type of fabric because Glasgow was famous for these lightweight materials, produced here for the first time. 



The city was a flourishing industrial hub and the fact that iron and coal - the richest in Scotland - were nearby helped it prosper enormously as too did the great number of pure water rivers. 

Here in Glasgow the young company cast its solid foundations with all the typical enthusiasm of new endeavours.